Monday, April 21, 2008


Welcome to MinilandBricks. This is going to be a side project to my other blogs - VignetteBricks and MicroBricks - but this will focus on Miniland scale building. This is the scale of building that is most clearly seen in the displays at the various Legoland parks. I'll highlight MOCs and also great photography of the official park models. This blog probably won't get updates on a terribly frequent basis, as Miniland scale is not as popular for building as fig scale or microscale. I may bend my rules a bit from time to time and include Scala, Belville, Technic fig or Model Team scales, as these are all somewhat comparable.

Why start another blog? Good question. From time to time I see great MOCs out there, and since they fall outside of the most popular building scales and themes, they sometimes get overlooked. Why not just post these on my existing blogs? That's just not my personal vision of LEGO blogs. While I really love Brothers-Brick and Klocki (the two best out there, IMO), I don't think there's a lot more room out there for general "all things cool" type blogs. Instead, my view is that a blogs should have a clear focus, so that it can do one thing and do it really well. Say you're into mechs, for instance. If there was a MechBricks blog out there, you could check that one and get all your mech needs fulfilled in one place, without having to page through stuff you were less interested in. That blog would also serve as a history of the subgenre and an archive of great creations. So, to, this blog for Miniland scale building.

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Marcin said...

Congratulations Bruce! You have been blogged, linked and advertized at Klocki :-)
Miniland building is cool and has a great potential, especially when it comes to figures. I'm sure that with a great blogger like you it will become equally popular as your other child - vignettes!

Good Luck!