Monday, May 26, 2008

Doctor which? Doctor what? Oh .... Doctor Who

Here's another easter egg from Legoland Windsor - Doctor Who in Miniland. Thanks to Gizmocon for the image and LEGO Model of the Day for the heads-up. According to LMotD, this was the character from the previous week's episode of the show, so they are updating this display on a very regular basis.

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Dan said...

Somebody uploaded a later incarnation here:

It cuts off the side (where I assume a Rose figure would be), but you can see Davros and Captain Jack as well as the other characters that also appear on the two-part season finale.

Dad had to tell me who Davros was - he apparently was in the show in the 60's, but the two-part season finale this year was his first appearance in the revived version of the show (I have no idea if he was ever in LEGOLAND back in the day).

I take it that this is the last Dr Who update we'll see for a while - the next episode is December's Christmas special.

Dan said...

Figures I'd forget to make that URL a proper hyperlink:
click here

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!!! i love this blog. lol