Thursday, August 6, 2009

World's leaders meet at Legoland

I just ran across this. Last March, when the G20 leaders were meeting in London, they also met in Legoland Windsor.

I'm too lazy to go through and figure out which leader each fig represents (okay, the blond woman is Germany's Chancellor Merkel), but here are Gordon Brown and Barack Obama.

And what world summit is complete without a protest, here as the leaders are assembling outside of 10 Downing Place.

Gotta love those British Master Builders. It seems like they do more of these little changing Easter eggs than some of the other parks (e.g. I know they regularly sprinkle in different Dr. Who characters, and I've seen pics from Windsor of Star Wars and Spider-Man characters making appearances). Of course, California did that huge display of the Obama inauguration. BTW, all photo credits to China A2Z News.

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