Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cool Cars and Trucks

Sean Kenney has a new book, Cool Cars and Trucks. I was flipping through this the other day in the book store and took a couple of pictures. It's full of beautiful photography of models designed by Sean. There are instructions for several vehicles at minifig scale and suggestions on how to modify those instructions to come up with your own. Relevant to this blog, there are also some pictures of models at miniland scale. My impression of the book is that it is perfect for its intended audience, probably 8-12 year old boys. As an AFOL, there is the coolness factor of having a book by a prominent member of our community, and it's good to support our own, but it doesn't have enough content for me - I'd rather take the same dollars and get BrickJournal, or maybe one of Brendan's Brick Testament books.

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