Friday, September 30, 2011

South Beach

More from Legoland Florida: South Beach. BTW, I just wanted to note that I have yet to see any photos of the miniland pirates display. We know from the official site that Miniland USA will include five sections - Washington DC, New York City and Las Vegas will presumably be much like the displays at Legoland California, and I've previously blogged photos of some DC landmarks under construction at the park. The Florida section (much like the park in Carlsbad features sites from California) has gotten a lot of play in the media and I've shown some of these over the past few blog posts. The pirate section, however, is a mystery to me. The reporter who wrote today's article seems to have been standing right in front of the display: "...said Adrian Jones, Legoland general manager as he looked over the cluster with Lego swashbucklers, ships and a volcano." And yet he took no photos! Grr. Maybe the park officials have not been allowing that, wanting the pirates section to be a surprise? Anyway, the park opens soon enough and I'm sure Flickr will be full of photos shortly.

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