Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gary on the move

Okay, I saw something from BrickCon, but to fully appreciate it we have to go back a bit. You may all remember the video from a few years back where some Indiana Jones and LEGO fans recreated the famous scene of Indy running from the giant ball, but with a guy running from a giant LEGO ball rolling after him down a San Francisco street. Okay, it turned out their ball was actually a huge styrofoam ball covered with a skin of baseplates, but that doesn't take away from the utter coolness. Anyway, in 2009, Mythbusters tried it out. In the process they went to Legoland and enlisted Gary McIntire (and, IIRC, a bunch of SandLUGgers) to help build a giant LEGO ball. Be sure to watch the video linked. Anyway, on to this blog. Nathan Proudlove commemorated this with his own Miniland version of Gary and the giant ball.


Ochre Jelly said...

Actually, the story is even more involved than that! Nathan managed to leave this MOC behind at BrickCon 2010 - it was there after all the other MOCs were gone (I know because I'm ashamed to say I was one of the last to get packed up that year!). We called Gary to come pick it up but in fact the Sterlings kidnapped it and sent it on a merry trip around the world - including to Billund! It returned to BrickCon this year, where it was subsequently kidnapped again and it now doing a tour of SoCal courtesy of Guy Himber. Our hope is to have Miniland Gary pop up in all kinds of odd places around the globe!

Brick tales said...

Hey Iain,

Actually, you've anticipated my next two posts. I'm actually quite a lazy blogger. If I were left to my normal habits I'd have even more appalling gaps in my blogs than I do now. So to combat this, when I sit down to blog I write several posts, and then use the scheduling function in blogspot to space those out over the next few days, so it looks like I'm dutifully posting every day. Anyway, my next scheduled post is about the Sterlings, and the one after that is about Guy.

Ochre Jelly said...

^ my bad. Please feel free to delete-ify!