Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Who is this

This figure was on display at BrickWorld. That spaceship sitting on the bench next to him looks familiar, so I'm guessing this is a portrait of a specific AFOL and his MOC. I'm not much of a space guy, so I don't really know who built what - could anyone help identify the fig, and also the builder? Maybe this is one of the guys who makes frog-driven spaceships?


Charlene O'Brien said...,28804,2024939_2024940_2025353,00.html
Google 'Sad Keanu'. It's a pretty famous meme!

Dan said...

You'll find those microspace frog ships on many of the MOCs at BrickWorld - it was built by Simon "Si-MOCs" Liu to give back after being voted BrickWorld master the previous year. I have no idea how many of them he gave away but they make for a great souvenir of the event.