Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mini LEGO Con

At a couple of recent AFOL events Steve Oakes and Mariann Asanuma displayed a miniland scale con, full of minilanders displaying microscale MOCs, sometimes renditions of actual MOCs that had appeared at previous cons. Now Todd Webb and Dan Pikora (of Fascinating LEGO of the Day) have expanded on that idea. At the various BrickFairs (and other AFOL gatherings), they are setting up miniland-scale layouts of the entire convention layout. Attendees are invited to bring miniland scale versions of themselves and microscale versions of their MOCs, to recreate the whole convention at a smaller scale. There's a Flickr group to share photos and help coordinate future events. Here's part of the layout from BrickFair Alabama. They're hoping to make much more complete displays at upcoming cons. So if you're attending BrickFair NE this weekend, try and put together a minilander of yourself to add to the display.


Christopher Bolton said...

The display in the middle was done by the Tennessee Valley LEGO Club of Huntsville, AL.

Dan said...

I think BrickFair is the only event where we can do the entire convention layout - the parts Todd bought for this technically belong to BrickFair.

The Tennessee Valley LEGO Club has the best mini LUG display so far. I've been meaning to ask around about who from that club built the fantastic miniland-scale versions of Emmet and President Business from the LEGO movie (also seen in the featured photo here).