Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration day

Legoland is celebrating the inauguration of President Obama in a big way. Let's start with a long shot:

Move a little closer in:

Now let's focus on the center of attention:

You can see more coverage of this on Kristi Klein's blog Brick Star, in the San Diego Union Tribune and on San Diego 6. Most of these pics were pulled from Kristi's blog, so photo credits go to her. In the Trib article Gary McIntyre notes how they researched who would be attending to design the display, so you can pick out individuals such as the Obamas and Bidens, with the elder Bushes and Rick Warren looking on:

On the other side of the podium we see Chief Justice Roberts, the Bushes and Cheneys, with I believe the Clintons and Carters behind them:

I really laughed that George H. W. Bush is falling asleep and Bill Clinton is checking his watch:

Great job to Kristi, Gary, and the whole team that worked on this. I hope I get out to San Diego to see this in person, but a little later today I may try braving the crowds to see the real thing in person. Mainly I'd like my daughter to see it, but it will depend on the weather.

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